Wildcat Sanctuary takes in big cats from Tiger King Park

May 25, 2021 GMT

SANDSTONE, Minn. (AP) — The Wildcat Sanctuary in Minnesota has accepted some big cats seized by federal officials from the private zoo in Oklahoma made famous by the 2020 Netflix documentary “Tiger King.”

The owners of Tiger King Park are facing numerous citations for failing to provide adequate care, nutrition and shelter for the animals.

So, the U.S. Department of Justice stepped in and ordered the seizure of 69 protected lions, tigers and a jaguar.

“This is a historic and important seizure of 69 big cats. I am thankful for the coordinated effort of several reputable sanctuaries and federal agencies to ensure these cats were safely removed,” said Tammy Thies, Founder and Executive Director of The Wildcat Sanctuary.

The Wildcat Sanctuary says because of the ongoing federal investigation, it cannot disclose how many of the big cats it has received from Tiger King Park.


A search warrant affidavit filed in federal court of Oklahoma revealed at least three big cats under the age of one had died from malnutrition since the end of September, 2020. It also described how conditions had deteriorated from a February inspection.

“There is probably case to believe the animals are not consistently being provided a sufficient quantity of food free from contamination,” the affidavit said.