Bank robber grabs officer’s gun and fires during a scuffle

August 11, 2022 GMT

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — Omaha police say a man who tried to rob a bank got into a scuffle with an off-duty police officer on the way out and fired one round after grabbing the officer’s gun, but no one was hurt.

Police said the incident was reported just before 3 p.m. Wednesday when the off-duty officer radioed for help from the First National Bank branch near 50 Street and Ames Avenue where he was working.

Before the encounter with the officer, the man went into the bank and handed an employee a note indicating there was a bomb in the building, but the man didn’t get any cash before he left. During the struggle with the officer the man grabbed the gun and fired, but the officer was able to take the gun back before the man fled.

The 41-year-old man was found a few blocks away after he had broken into a home and arrested with the help of a police dog.

The man was initially taken to a hospital before he was jailed on suspicion of attempted robbery, assaulting an officer, burglary and several other charges.